Green Garden Discuss Will-Ride Program

Green Garden Township Trustees are looking into adding Will-Ride for residents.

Will-Ride manager Wendie Garlich presented information at the June board meeting about Will-Ride.

She says Will-Ride is a dial-a-ride public transportation service for seniors, disabled residents, and people needing access to go to work.

Garlich told trustees they apply for grants from the Department of Aging and RTA. The township would be responsible for the remaining cost after the riders’ contribution.

Residents pay a voluntary $2 one-way inside the township and $4 outside the township.

The majority of people pay the donation.

The average cost is $40-$44 per ride. Grant monies generally pay 50%, costing the township about $22 per trip.

There are five different dial-a-ride programs in Will County. She says the eventual goal is to merge them into one program.

Every program uses PACE either through leasing vehicles or using the program.

Residents would call a phone number to schedule a ride.

Green Garden would likely be similar to Peotone Township. Peotone Township limits its costs to $3,000. Peotone Township averages about four trips a month.

Will-Ride is a Will County program organized in the Will County Executive’s Office, but Will County does not contribute to the costs.

Garlich said Trustees could begin by providing only transportation to medical appointments.

She says the program does allow the dial-a-ride to transport a resident to another PACE vehicle such as a train or bus to travel to another county.

Township Supervisor Don Murday says he receives a few calls a month asking if they have any transportation assistance.

Garlich says PACE is experimenting with utilizing a taxi instead of a bus to reduce costs. The taxis would be a better fit for a rural setting like Green Garden.

Murday told Trustees he wants to look into the issue further and then present a proposal to the board for consideration.

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